Thank you, for your interest in our
appraisal services!

We look forward to working with you
on your upcoming appraisal.

We provide a variety of 
Appraisal Services plus

Consulting & Collection Management

Appraisers & Advisors to corporate
collectors, museums, and private individuals.
Certified reports for all your needs!


We provide objective, confidential, unbiased reports that are comprehensive, and professionally prepared.


Appraisals can be provided for a variety of purposes such as

(partial list): 

Insurance coverage

Damage claims

Loss claims
Federal estate tax
Charitable donation
Division of property
Confirmation of value
Sale of property
Claims settlements
Determine loss-of-value

General Information

Additionally, our experts are available to help advise you when you may not need a formal appraisal, such as identifying items/objects of worth (trash or treasure), condition/restoration issues, artist or object or signature research or identification, or how to sell your item.


Our Appraisers do not buy or attempt to buy
items they appraise.